• worship

    Our Sunday morning worship at 9am is a traditional style of worship, known as a "liturgical" service. It's a lot like the church you've always known: classic hymns, spoken responses, organ music, and group prayers. We keep it lively with beautiful decorations and a meaningful message each Sunday. All are welcome to worship, and we hope you feel right at home, each Sunday morning at 9am.

  • Mid-week services

    During the seasons of Lent and Advent we meet on Wednesday evenings at 6 for a soup supper and special Wednesday worship. Come get a mid-week spiritual pick-me-up as we especially prepare our hearts for Easter and Christmastime.

  • Contemporary Sundays

    The first Sunday of the month we worship in contemporary style, led at the piano and mic by musician Roni Wiedeman. For those who enjoy the spiritual songs on the radio and a heart for modern worship, this service is a taste of contemporary Christian praise. Held the first Sunday of each month at First.

  • First-Time

    Absolutely new to First? We know it's intimidating! Don't worry: we make things as easy as we can for you to feel welcome at First.

    You might be overwhelmed by the bulletin, the hymnal, communion, the responses - but it's all okay. Please feel welcome to participate as much or as little as you are comfortable - and always know a fellow pew neighbor is ready to help.

    For those who would like a taste of worship at First before visiting, please visit our video worship page to join along ahead of time. We look forward to welcoming you in the spirit of Christ with us in worship.