Serving at First

We exist to fulfill God's mission by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service and outreach. This is our process for discipleship. Out of this service is the overflow of discipleship: serving those in and outside the church. One of the ways we pursue and live out this love for others is through volunteer opportunities in our church and beyond.


Orland Pantry

The main service ministry of First Lutheran is the Orland Pantry, which annually serves over 50,000 meals to the hungry families of Glenn County. Volunteers are always needed to pack boxes, distribute food, collect donations, and serve on the board. Please check out the Orland Pantry Website for more information about this central ministry.

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The Commodities Program is sponsored by the USDA, and which also distributes food to local folks in need. Packers and servers are needed each event, held the Friday after the third Thursday from 8-11am. All drop-ins to help are welcome.


Foster Family Night

Our foster family night program meets the last Sunday of the month to provide a home, a family, and a delicious meal to the foster families of our county. And each month we're in need of lots of good food! Sponsored by the GCOE.

Adoptive Parents Support Group

This support group exists to counsel, encourage, and educate the adoptive families of the area. Please contact the front office through the below link to find how you can support.

Caretakers Support Group

This support group meets each month as a general gathering for all families serving in a caretaking role. Please contact the front office through the below link to find out how you can support.



Coffee Hour

Our most popular ministry at First ! We're always in need of delicious food to host our weekly coffee hour following worship. Please sign up to support this blessed ministry at First: you will be generously thanked!

WELCA Events

Our women's group (WELCA) regularly hosts Bunco parties, Christmas Teas, gift exchanges, and other events through the year. All social activities take a lot of volunteer effort, and your help would uplift our social life at First.

Funerals, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers...

Many additional family events for the community are hosted at First. Please click the below link to contact us with information or requests how you can serve or be served at this time.

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Worship is a work of the people, and involves many folks to glorify God in song and prayers each Sunday. Help from the congregation and the community - as singers, readers, teachers, and prayers - is warmly welcome as we worship God each Sunday.

Small Groups

Always wanted to be a part of a small Christian group for support and friendship? Why not start one yourself? We're here to equip and support - please contact us how you can begin to host a positive, inspiring Christian group at your home. 

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