Vision 2020

In the year to come we’ll give our attention to building up our congregation. Orland needs a dynamic church. It is our vision to have First Lutheran as a place where we are spiritually fed and energized on a regular basis, and where we actively experience the presence of God in our lives and among our community. We can do that for our families and our neighbors here at First. In the year to come we’ll strive to grow a vibrant, lively, energetic neighborhood church here in our home community.

To bring this about, we sincerely need your help. There are so many gifts and skills in our congregation, and to be successful we need volunteers our resources to grow this beloved church. For this big push in 2020, we ask you to prayerfully consider committing to three things in the year ahead:

  • Participate

    Participate: it matters. We enthusiastically encourage you to join regularly in worship, build your faith through church activities, and work with us share the news of our congregation. Your presence is a strengthening witness to others, and is so good for your own faith development. We heartily encourage you to get involved regularly; and we need it more than anything!

  • Serve

    Serve: there are many ways we need help to strengthen our ministry and serve our neighbors. The page below lists opportunities we need to fill in the coming year. We ask you please prayerfully commit to a volunteer opportunity for the year ahead - and working in tandem we’ll build up our congregation.

  • give

    Give: many people make gifts to the church, and we rely on the generosity of our commitments. However, as we grow in our reach, we also grow in our financial needs.To help us grow into a vital spiritual home in this community, we ask you prayerfully commit to a giving pledge that will help us meet our giving goal next year. A gift of any amount helps us in our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

2020 Volunteer Opportunities at First Lutheran

Our church is strengthened by all members sharing their gifts for the common whole.

Each working together, we will be a vibrant, healthy church here in Orland.

*The asterisk denotes positions that are new or especially needed this coming year. 


Worship – praise and glorify God by assisting in Sunday worship                            # of volunteers

   Worship assistants serve in worship once per month                                                      needed

      Reader – read the prayers or lessons during Sunday worship                                         10       

      Welcomer – serve as usher or greeter to welcome guests                                               10

      *Acolyte – a youth to light candles and assist in worship                                                    5

      Musician – sing in choir or provide special music                                                             15

      Teacher – lead Sunday School or give a children’s message                                           10

      Altar guild – make communion preparation and sanctuary décor                                       2

      *Slideshow – operate the slideshow for the congregation                                                  5


   Sanctuary preparation keeps our worship space clean and ready for worship

      Sanctuary materials – set weekly worship materials and change hymn boards                  2

      Cleaner – maintain cloths, robes, and paraments used in worship                                     1

      Pew cards – refill and arrange pew cards in sanctuary                                                       1

      Choir director – lead choir rehearsals and performance                                                     1

      Choir organizer – communicate rehearsal needs to choir and office                                  1


Ministry – serve our neighbors

      Local events contact – provide food for Band Camp, Illini 4000, etc                                  1

      Food Pantry liaison – communicate the needs of the Pantry to leadership                        1

      Commodities liaison – communicate the needs of Commodities to leadership                  1

      Salvation Army bell ringer – ring bells for 2 hrs outside at Christmastime                         4


Fellowship – enrich our lives with Christian fellowship

      *Fellowship host - provide Fellowship meals once per quarter                                         12

      Special events planner - weddings, funerals, anniversaries, parties, etc                           1

      Cook – serving side dishes or desserts for various events                                         Many

      WELCA events – assist in WELCA Fellowship events                                                       4

      Easter Brunch coordinator – oversee this large annual event                                            1

      Reformation Party coordinator – oversee this large annual event                                      1

      Kitchen area cleaner – monitor and clean kitchenette, oven space, and fridge                  1

      Bingo helper – call games or serve food at Bingo                                                              4


Evangelism – share the news of Christ and of our congregation

      *Office Angels - fold the monthly Lutheran Light and special mailings                                8

      *Print mailing materials – oversee printing of mailing materials                                          1

      Bulletin boards – decorate bulletin boards by changing monthly                                        1

      Posters – hang special events posters around town                                                          1

      Signs & banners – hang special banners at church and around town                                2

      *Visitor greeter – send cards and make call to new visitors                                               4

      Newspaper contact – submit ads and notices to newspapers                                            1



Education – deepen the faith of our congregation through learning                                

      Bible Study leader – prepare and teach weekly Bible study                                              2

      Art & Soul coordinator – lead and coordinate Art & Soul                                                   1

      *Adult education event coordinator – arrange additional educational opportunities          1


Children – tend our children’s faith development

      VBS Leader – plan and coordinate a summer VBS for our community                             1

      *VBS – assist with teaching, activities, food, or décor at VBS                                           6

      Christmas children’s activities – help with Live Nativity and Christmas Pageant               4

      Youth group leader – adult leader with ACE Youth Group                                                 2


Visitation – visit those in need of care

      *Visitation team member – monthly visits as a team to homebound members                  6

      Emergency hospital visitor – call upon emergency situations at the hospital                    1


Prayer – lift up our congregation in prayer

      *Manage prayer chain – send email prayer requests to our prayer chain                          1

      Oversee prayer shawls – coordinate and oversee distribution of prayer shawls                1

      Pray - hold our congregation and its ministries in daily prayer                                     Many


Property – maintain church buildings and grounds on ongoing basis

      Property manager – contact for emergency needs; coordinator of projects                      1

      *Repair crew – assist with general repairs and improvements at church                          6

      Grounds maintenance – weed and trim plants; water potted plants                                 4         

      *Shopper – monitor and purchase towels, paper products, cups, etc                               1

      Solar team – serve in creating a solar system for church property                                   3


Finance – develop the financial aspect of the church

      *Stewardship – promote the giving of talents and finances to strengthen the church        6

      Counter – count weekly offerings                                                                                      2

      Treasurer – manage expenditures and prepare treasurer reports                                     1

      Financial Secretary – manage contributions and prepare financial secretary reports       1

      Auditor – review finances on the annual audit committee                                                 2


Administration – serve the regular office needs of the church

      Directory – update contact information and create a 2020 directory supplement              1

      Birthday list – update and maintain birthday list of the congregation                                 1

      *Print worship materials – print weekly worship materials and prepare for folders            2


Leadership – oversee the ministry, property, finances, and direction of the congregation

      Council member – make major decisions about the governance of the congregation      12

      Nominating committee – prepare slate of Council candidates for the following year         3